Tuesday, April 2, 2024

An Instinctual Conversation


"We prioritize prayer in this life as we live for the next."

Not all priorities are formal. In fact, the vast majority of true priorities in our lives are instinctual and thoughtless. This is evident when it comes to eating: we do not have to deliberately make time in our schedules to satisfy our hungry tummies or think through strategies about how we will get calories into our systems (diets excepted).

Is prayer a true priority for us?

This should be the goal. We should make it our aim to have a genuine instinct to pray without ceasing so that we praise, confess, and request as impulsively as we eat, sleep, and breathe.

The God who created all things is in, around, and over us, presiding over every aspect of our lives. It only makes sense -- perfect sense -- to talk to Him about what's happening. He cares, and He is in control. He wants to hear from us, and He uses our prayers in His grand program.

So, this week, don't only work on "prayer" generally, but rather work on instinct. Work to make your communication with the supernatural God as natural as possible.

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