Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Praising God Wherever You Are

"We live for God wherever we are knowing He has put us there."

"How'd we get here?" the finch asked the warbler.

"I haven't the foggiest," the warbler said, looking down from his branch in the unfamiliar tree. "But while we're here, we may as well sing."

In this life, we sometimes end up in surprising places. Our circumstances will occasionally be totally unlike anything we intended, leaving us perplexed, upset, or even despairing. If someone were to ask us to explain just how we landed in our current difficult situation, we would surely misremember or totally forget a variety of details about our journey--especially some of our own sins and faults that have contributed to the hardship.

Yet, just like the songbirds high up in the trees, we are commissioned to sing praises regardless of the details concerning how we've arrived at today's station. Ultimately, we know that God has ordained this day with all its detail, and it is good that we trust His allowance of certain events, along with His divine intervention. We didn't wander into this place apart from His all-seeing eye or His outstretched arm. In a very real and powerful sense, He has put us here.

And consider how much more we know than the birds. They build nests, find worms, head south, and sing songs, all without knowing much of anything. We, on the other hand, recognize and embrace our status as image-bearers of God who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, that we may forever magnify His grace. We're brought to new life and affections through the Spirit, who has sealed us for the day of redemption. We have God.

How could we not live for Him today?

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  1. Lovely, it’s a shame that when things are going great and we walk in His Grace and Peace, that we don’t praise Him all day long but when life has problems, we turn to Him, doubting His care for us…..this was a reminder to sing praise continually….