Tuesday, December 20, 2022

2022: No Christian Music Review


Earlier this year I announced on Facebook that I won't be doing a Christian music review this year. Walking away from the farthest-reaching ministry I started through this website was not the easiest decision I'd ever made. However, this was the right choice.

Because I take the music review game so seriously, I consciously sought to produce that absolute best review possible and I wouldn't accept a less-than-full effort from myself. As the years went on (I started doing this in 2014), I learned of more and more "fishing holes" where I could find lesser-known Christian music and, due to the accessibility of recording equipment today, more and more Christian albums have been released (400-500 annually). This combination led to me putting in 100+ hours (150+ hours? 200+ hours? I don't know...) to make my music review. These hours were jammed into November-December each year.

For now--for this year, at least--that personal contribution is not sustainable. I'm parenting, pastoring, and authoring. I can't squeeze in that large of a project anymore.

Sadly, I don't have a place to point you to get the best music of 2022. As I write this, I'm listening to the top album from Brett McCracken's end-of-year Christian music list published through The Gospel Coalition and...it's not close to what I would have chosen. I'm sorry I can't help.

However, you can always access my past reviews through this website. May they continue to bless you for years to come.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Came to your site after reading the TGC article you mentioned at the end. Totally understand your decision- just know that review will be missed. Appreciate all of your past hard work on that project!

  2. Totally get opting out, keeping up is essentially a full time job these days. Thank you for the efforts, I stumbled upon your blog a few years ago and always looked forward to the detailed music post. I appreciate the contribution, I found a few artists through your lists.

    If I may humbly recommend for both you and your listeners a few places they can find excellent music coverage if they are unaware of their existence.

    1. Jesusfreakhideout.com (annual year end list will be dropping in the next few days)
    2. Indievisionmusic.com
    3. My personal blog if I can be forgiven for being self-promotional - JoshBalogh.Wordpress.com

  3. I thank God for you, Jeremy, and the countless time you have put into serving fellow Christians through your meticulous and discerning reviews of music. You have been responsible for my discovery of many wonderful, God-honoring, and well-written songs and gifted bands. Your contribution in this area will be greatly missed! However, I respect and am encouraged by your decision to serve God in the most important areas of your life and to have the maturity to know where to say "No".

    One request...would you please leave us with where to find your "fishing holes"?

    1. Quick note...Tim Challies pointed me to a year-end music review resource: https://timbriggshere.medium.com/best-jesus-y-folky-singer-songwriter-y-worship-y-high-quality-music-of-2022-4b0d35d1572c

    2. Yep, was looking for those fishing holes too.

  4. I always appreciate your reviews... I have them bookmarked because i am still working through listening to your recommendations ... I'll always be looking forward to when/if you decide to bring the reviews back!

  5. Hello Sir. I am a Christian here from the Northeastern part of India. I was born a into a Christian family but I used to be a nominal Christian until a few years ago, when God changed my life. Part of that change was that I started seeking out good Christian music, apart from the mainstream artists whose CDs are available at our local Christian bookstores. Providentially, I stumbled on your blog a couple of years ago and your Year-end lists have helped introduce me to artists such as Chris Renzema, John Mark McMillan and Alisa Turner, who have now become among my favourite and who I may not have known otherwise. As such, I was also really looking forward to this year's list and kept checking your page this past week. Anyway, I just want to express my gratitude to you and how God used you in my life. God bless you and your ministry. Love and blessings from Shillong, Meghalaya, India.

  6. Jeremy, I really appreciated your end reviews. I already miss it. As a consolation, could you occasionally just tell us what you’re listening to that you like without giving a review? Something like, “Hey guys, been listening to …… You might want to check it out.”

  7. Really sad to read this, I often come back to your yearly posts to discover great new music. And it has been a great blessing.
    Many thanks for everything so far!

  8. I look forward each year to your well-thought out reviews and base a lot of my music exploration on them—so, ya, disappointed but totally understand priorities. Thanks for your past work!
    As someone else mentioned, perhaps in a future blog post, you could let us know what you're listening to that you are enjoying.

  9. Man I’m super bummed! I’ve been listening to Yellowhammer Hymns all year and am so thankful for your accurate reviews each year. Your reviews will be missed.