Saturday, November 9, 2013

Looney Tunes: New Series on Christian Music

It seems to me that there's nothing more influential in American Christianity than the ever-streaming flow of Christian music. According to my own observation, neither preaching, teaching, nor the very Word of God itself has more influence over the average American Christian. That can be filed under the "Sad But Likely True" category.

The Christian culture is its own subculture in the U.S., harboring its own celebrities and terms that the outside world doesn't even know exists. There's really nothing wrong with that; after all, the Church consists of those who are in Christ and Christian music is for the Church (Eph 1:22-23, 4:1-6).

However, one of the problems of being in our own world with our own culture is that we sometimes lose an objective view. Whether you're super conservative or really liberal, we can easily slide into a sub-subculture and completely lose sight of what is right and good. Any time we forfeit Scripture as the sole authority over what is true and perfect, we become misdirected.

It is my belief that some of the most popular sectors of mainstream Christian music have begun drifting astray in regards to God's Word. There are certainly some solid -- even admirable -- Christian artists doing great things for God. But unfortunately there are some songs played on the radio that just don't measure to the Christian's calling to hold fast to the Bible.

In the coming series, it is my intention to expose some very key flaws in the most popular Christian music today. These flaws work their way into our hearts and minds as we hum along to the catchy tune because artists are teachers. As these songs are repeated again and again, deemed appropriate and good for Christians, the worldview, or worse yet lifestyle, of some Christians becomes warped. 

Another purpose of the series is to provide solid Christian music in contrast to that which is faulty in light of Scripture. I think it's important that we don't discount music altogether but that we honor valuable Christian service. 

For many believers this is the golden calf. We need to examine it for the sake godliness and build up one another in love. In no way should I (or anyone else) desire to cut down a fellow Christian; however, whenever any of us carries a position of influence over other believers, we need to be held in check for any actions that would lead the flock of God astray.

We aren't called to be silent, but to be watchful.

God bless! 


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