Friday, June 14, 2013

The Church's Unsung Heroes

Well it's been awhile.

I thought I was going to write a second part to my article, "Where you raised in church? (part 1)" but I just couldn't string my thoughts together. Apparently I said all I needed to say.

For a new series, I'm looking to write about the qualities and characteristics that are missing/held back/slowly fading away in the church. The catch is this: we need them in the church!

My list-in-progress is
  • Disagreement 
  • Confrontation
  • Pressure 
  • Haste
  • Frankness
  • Transparency
  • Masculinity
Like I said, it's in progress, but these "heroes" are widely unseen, unfamiliar, and unsung in our churches. I hope this series will ignite conversations about how the church can be more biblical in the present day.

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