Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Series on Doctrinal Perspectives

The next series on the Knowing Jesus blog will be about doctrine. It will not be the typical blog, book, or college paper about doctrine, however; it will be more of a perspective-check for us. I believe in three different levels of doctrine: primary, secondary, and doubtful. All of which are scriptural and logical. I will be using a chart I made over the last couple of years as a guide for the series.

This is a topic that I think is pertinent to Christians (especially young Christians) today. We do not keep perspective on what should be primary, secondary, and doubtful in our personal convictions and that inevitably bleeds over into other areas of our life. The way we view the Bible, the Church, and relationships with other believers is really stemming from our personal thoughts about what we consider to be the most important aspects of our faith.

If I were to write a book on something at this point in my life, this would probably be it.

Here's the chart. Click to enlarge:

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